November Syncroblog – Spiritual Abuse and Redemption

28 Oct

Nearly everyone in the country and especially in Christian circles has heard of the implosion of the megachurch in Seattle, WA known as Mars Hill and the accusations made against it’s lead pastor, Mark Driscoll.  Regardless of how you feel about Mark Driscoll in particular, what would it look like for the Church as a whole when abusive leaders are held accountable and then are reconciled?  How do we do that in such a way as to let victims be heard and redemption be the end goal.  What does redemption and/or reconciliation look like in real life?  What does grace look like in these situations?

To be clear, this is not a synchroblog about Mark Driscoll (he is just an example among dozens we might have used) but about asking the question of how to handle spiritual abuse so that the Christian tenets of justice, forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption are honored.

We will be hosting this the 3rd week of November, so post by midnight on Tuesday, November 18th.  Post your link here in the comment section as soon as your post is up. We will combine all of the links and post it on Wednesday morning, November 19th for everyone to share at the end of your posts.

We hope you can participate!

October Synchroblog Link List

7 Oct mental-illness-healthtuts-1

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s sychroblog about Mental Illness.

Below is the link list for this month. Please make sure you include this entire list at the bottom of your own post on your blog. Then, feel free to go read, comment, and share the posts of other people.

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October Synchroblog Announcement – Mental Illness Awareness

25 Sep mental-illness-art


To commemorate the launch of Sarah Griffith Lund‘s new book — Blessed Are The Crazy: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness, Family, and Church — and to participate in National Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 5-11), we invite you to join in a Synchroblog on mental illness, family, and church.

Break the silence by sharing your personal story of how you’ve been impacted by mental illness in your family and/or in your faith community.

Learn more about National Mental Illness Awareness Week:

October 7 is also the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding. Sarah Griffith Lund has recorded this prayer video to help faith communities observe this holiday – please watch and share:

NOTE: We are joining with another synchroblog for this event, so the posting date and instructions are a bit different. This is also coming up quickly!

mental-illness-healthtuts-1First, publish your post by midnight on MONDAY, October 6th. Post the links in the comment section here as normal. We at the synchroblog will post all your links over at the Facebook event for the other group (which can be found here:

If you want, you may also use the hashtag #BlessedAreTheCrazy when you post your links to your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Follow the hashtag:

Second, we will put up the full link list on Tuesday, October 7th for you to publish at the end on your blog post.

We hope you will participate and break the silence by sharing YOUR story!

September Synchroblog Link List: Race, Violence, and Why Need to Talk About It

24 Sep

Here’s the link list.  Glad you could participate.

Thanks for posting this at the bottom of your posts, and remember, everyone loves comments :)

Other bloggers writing about Race, Violence, and Why We Need to Talk About It:

September 2014 Synchroblog: Race, Violence, and Why We Need to Talk About It.

11 Sep

race violence and why we need to talk about it

Issues of race and violence have crossed over the centuries. It’s embedded into human history and sometimes we think we’ve come further than we have.  The events in Ferguson are not just about Ferguson. They tell a bigger story, a story of racism and violence and power and division that is reflected not just in that one town in middle America but in neighborhoods, cities, the church, the world.

This month the Synchroblog will create a space to share our reflections about Race and Violence and Why We Need to Talk About It.  What is bubbling up?  What do these current events stir up in our own life and faith?  Why are these conversations so important? How can we be better participants in the conversation?  

We will be hosting this the 4th week of September instead of the third, so post by midnight on Tuesday, September 23rd.  Post your link here in the comment section as soon as your post is up. We will combine all of the links and post it on Wednesday morning, September 24th for everyone to share at the end of your posts.

We hope you can participate!

Link List – August 2014 – “Connection”

20 Aug

Connection. Collage

The theme for our August synchroblog was a one word prompt and the word was:


We were told to write about whatever comes to mind… to tell a story, share a poem or piece of art, reveal a desire or dream, ask a question, review a book …  the theme was wide open.

Here is the list of contributors this month. Go read them all and leave a comment!

If you contributed, please add this link list to the bottom of your post. Thank you, and see you next month!

Jerry Wirtley – Connection
Sara Quezada – Can You Really Know Someone In A Different Language?
Ford – Interindependence
Michael Donahoe – Connection
Minnow – Our Dis-Connect
Justin Steckbauer – Connection in Love, it’s what Life is all about!
Carol Kuniholm – Disengagement and Connection
Wesley Rostoll – Finding Jesus In Different Places
Doreen A Mannion – A bunny, a fawn and some geese walk into a bar …
Leah Sophia – Touch of Life
Karen “Charity” Aldrich – Wuv True Wuv
Abbie Watters – Connection – Addicted to the Buzz
Liz Dyer – Human Connection and the Power of Empathy 
Loveday Anyim – Why Get Connected to God when He can’t be there for Me?


Robin Williams’ Performances We Remember and Why Link List

13 Aug


Here are the links to add to the end of your contribution to this synchroblog:

Chad Jones – A Reflection Upon the Death of Robin Williams

Justin Steckbauer – Remembering Robin Williams

Glenn Hager – It’s Not Your Fault

Ryan Tomas Neace – Requiem for a Therapist: A Tribute to Robin Williams

Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) – Mork and Mindy. upside down on the couch. love it.



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