What is Missional? – June 2008

7 Jun

this is part of the missional synchroblog organized by rick meigs at blind beggar, over 50 bloggers participating, reclaiming the now fairly over-used and ever-popular word “missional.”  although i don’t talk about it much, i consider myself a friend of missional and highly respect their work & heart to infect the kingdom with missional values.  the question was “what is missional, really?”

Bloggers Who Participated:

Alan HirschAlan Knox *  Andrew Jones *  Barb PetersBill Kinnon *  Brad BriscoBrad GrinnenBrad SargentBrother Maynard *  Bryan RileyChad Brooks * Chris WignallCobus Van Wyngaard * Dave DeVriesDavid BestDavid Fitch * David Wierzbicki *  DoSi * Doug Jones *  Duncan McFadzeanErika Haub * Grace *  Jamie Arpin-Ricci *  Jeff McQuilkin *  John Smulo * Jonathan Brink * JR Rozko *  Len Hjalmarson * Kathy Escobar * Makeesha Fisher * Malcolm Lanham * Mark Berry * Mark Petersen * Mark Priddy * Michael Crane Michael Stewart * Nick Loyd * Patrick Oden * Peggy Brown * Phil Wyman * Richard Pool * Rick Meigs * Rob Robinson * Ron Cole * Scott Marshall * Sonja AndrewsStephen Shields * Steve Hayes * Tim Thompson * Thom Turner


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