What is Emerging in the Church? – April 2010

19 Apr

What is emerging in the church?
What good things are growing that we can celebrate?
Who are the diverse voices that are now leading the church into the 21st century?

There are still serious discussions that need to be had regarding healing and reconciliation in the church. Previously marginalized voices still need to be humbly heard and fought for. This synchroblog in no way stands against that need. I just believe that sometimes it can be helpful to highlight the good things that are happening – reminding ourselves and the Christian community to have hope and to see the voices that are out there and are shaping the faith. I’m a both/and kind of person. I want to fight injustice and illuminate where good things are already happening.

To that end, I propose a Synchoblog on the topic of “What is Emerging in the Church.” I know not all of you claim the term “emerging church” or agree with a group like Emergent Village, that’s okay. The point of this isn’t to all agree or even to say that the emerging or Emergent church has this all figured out (because we don’t). But this path of navigating what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century where a diversity of voices and perspectives are heard is the very definition of what is emerging in the church. God is doing something new and exciting in the church, and we need to tell that story.

Bloggers who participated in this Synchroblog hosted by Julie Clawson:


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