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March Synchroblog – Experiences In The Wilderness – 3/9/2011

28 Feb

During the season of Lent we are reminded that all of us experience wilderness times in our lives – times of searching, of mourning, of anticipating, of waiting, of watching, of unknowing, of struggling, of preparation. Join us during the season of Lent for this month’s synchroblog as we reflect and share insights and thoughts about “Experiences In The Wilderness”.

Please plan to submit your name, name of blog, title of post and link in the comment section of the March announcement here on this blog by 6 p.m. EST 3/8/2011 if you would like to be included in this synchroblog. The list of participants will be compiled and posted on 3/9/2011.


Link List for February’s Synchroblog – Creativity & Christianity

9 Feb

here are the link lists so far for february’s synchroblog.  we’ll add more as they come in throughout the day. thanks for posting this at the bottom of your own post so those that read your blog can easily link to others posts.

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