Link List – Experiences In the Wilderness

9 Mar

Here are all the links … I have been delighted and (dare I say) blessed to read these wonderful posts. Unfortunately, with a sick teenager and being ill myself, I’m in a different sort of wilderness at the moment so reading is all I will be able to do this month. Although I reserve the right to add my two cents later on 🙂

Patrick (at Dual Ravens) was prolific with a four part series called “Musings” and they can be found here:
Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four

Katherine Gunn at A Voice in the Desert writes What is Wilderness?

Wendy McCaig giving us a View from the Bridge brings A Voice Calling in the Wilderness

EmmaNadine who describes Life By List wonders about Life in the Wilderness

Tammy Carter of Blessing the Beloved is taking a rest as she Puts down the axe

Jeremy Myers writing at Til He Comes ponders The Gaping Chasm of Suicide

kathy escobar shares the carnival in my head and writes about belonging

Steve Hayes of Methodius describes Anatomy of exile

Marta Layton at Marta’s Mathoms writes On Sabbaths, Mountain-Tops… and Brothers’ Keepers

Liz Dyer at Grace Rules discovers Beauty In The Wilderness

Christen Hansel of Greener Grass offers up Snapshots of the Desert

A bit of a post-script: I had to delete the first post of links as those dastardly links were broken beyond repair and no amount of tinkering would fix them. So I had to start from scratch and hand code them in a new post (oh the horrors!). I think I have everyone who has posted thus far. If I see new posts throughout the day I will add you. But I can’t promise too much because I’m a little bit foggy.


3 Responses to “Link List – Experiences In the Wilderness”


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