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November Synchroblog – Calling Us Out of Numbness

25 Oct

Richard Rohr says “the role of the prophets is to call us out of numbness.” Since the beginning of time, prophetic voices both in and outside of scripture have been calling us to consider change of some sort. Sometimes it is spiritual change, other times it may be economic, political, or systemic change. Regardless of the emphasis, prophets challenge us to consider a better future. Right now there’s a strong sense of change brewing in the church, the world; people are rising up and calling individuals, communities, nations, and everything in between out of numbness and toward justice, mercy, equality, and love.

This month’s Synchroblog is centered on where are you being challenged by some kind of prophetic voice.

What is it stirring up in you?

What is God challenging you to consider?

How does it intersect with your faith & practical experience?

Please post your links in the comments section of this post  by 6pm EST on Tuesday November 1st so we can compile the entire link list for everyone to share at the end of their posts by Wednesday morning, November 2nd.

We hope you can participate!

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Also coming November 23rd we will be hosting an Advent Synchroblog, collaborating with Christine Sine.  The theme will be Jesus is Coming:  What Do We Expect.  Then, December’s Synchroblog will be later in the month, again with a collaboration with Christine Sine on December 28th.  The theme will be Jesus Came: Did We Get What We Expected.  Details coming but mark your calendars now!


October Synchroblog – Link Compilation

12 Oct

Independence. Success. Upward Mobility. Security. Comfort. In subtle and direct ways, many of us have been sent a message by the world (and sometimes by the faith systems we have been part of) that life is about moving up–away from pain and suffering and toward comfort, stability, and put-togetherness. This kind of living is much different than the kind of life Jesus calls us to in the gospels. Jesus consistently modeled going down into the low and messy places of people’s experiences–intersecting with the lepers, the lonely, the outcasts, the marginalized. He calls us to a life of humility, love, and interdependence.

This month’s synchroblog will explore the idea of downward mobility and other themes in Kathy Escobar’s book, Down We Go, however it is not required reading and this is not a book review synchroblog. Where do you see Jesus calling you downward? What does it mean to you? How is your faith being stretched and challenged on the journey down? What is hard about a downwardly mobile life? What’s satisfying? Do you find yourself bitter sometimes? Are there paradoxes to be explored?

Without further adieu, here are the links to this month’s synchroblog. I know there is some meaty writing in here and I look forward to reading it!

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