January Synchroblog – A Partnership with Provoketive Magazine // January 18th 2012

11 Jan

Hey Synchrobloggers,

For January we are excited to partner with Provoketive Magazine for our monthly synchroblog.  They will be hosting this month’s topic, and this is a great platform for writers and readers.

In order to do this, the instructions will be a little bit different than our normal “post your link in the comments section” list.   Each writer will need to sign up to be a writer for Provoketive first.  It is a very easy process, and all of the instructions are below.  Instead of only posting your link in the comments section you will be posting directly on Provoketive and also on your own blog.  Everyone should put the link list at the bottom of your post as usual.  Provoketive will then feature the entire series for their January issue. All of the details are here.

The topic:  Hope.  January is often a space to create new dreams and so we’re leaving the topic open and to your imagination. We believe the power of voice has tremendous capacity to inspire and give hope to people. Provoketive is a space to explore what it means to be human and hope is an integral part of that experience.

Here are the instructions for January only:

1. Sign up to be a writer on Provoketive.  Click here and fill out the form.  We’ll send you all the instructions to add your post.

2. Write and submit a 500-1,000 word post on the subject of hope.  Some things to consider writing about include: what gives you hope, what is your hope, how did you gain your hope, or a story of hope in your life.  You may post the article on your own blog if you wish, but schedule it for January 18th.

3. All posts must be submitted to Provoketive by January 17th.

4. Check back on the day of publication and grab the link list to everyone’s post.  Publish the link list on your blog.

If you have any questions or need clarification about the process, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below or over at Provoketive.

We look forward to the new year together!


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