Link List – March 2012 Synchroblog – All About Eve

21 Mar

UPDATE! Due date for posts has changed to 6 p.m. EST on March 20, 2012

Women’s History Month Observance Poster (Defense Department illustration: Peter Hemmer)

It’s Women’s History month and International Women’s Day is March 8. Women’s rights have been all over the news recently, from bills in Congress and state representative bodies to crass “jokes” by national broadcasters. The idea that women are or should be equal to men has become a polarizing topic of discussion on the national stage. So we thought Synchroblog might jump right in. Anything concerning women in general, women and the church, balancing women’s rights with religious freedoms, the differences between men and women … these are all good topics for blog posts.

There is one caveat, we are asking that the Synchroblog be a voice of moderation and temperance. You may have strong beliefs on this subject and that is good. Giving voice those beliefs in a spirit of cooperation and bridge-building is also good. We would like these posts to step in that direction.

Here are a couple of great examples of moderate writing on women’s issues to prime your writing …

–> An Apology From Limbaugh, But The Damage Is Done by Denny Burke –

–> And now…on the other side (critique of extreme complementarianism) by Roger E. Olsen

This topic idea brought to you by Wendy McCaig and Katherine Gunn (aka Jeannette Ailtes) … thank you for your help, ladies.

The link list is below …

Michelle Morr Krabill – Why I Love Being a Woman
Marta Layton – The War on Terror and the War on Women
Ellen Haroutounian – March Synchroblog – All About Eve
Jeremy Myers – Women Must Lead the Church
Carol Kuniholm – Rethinking Hupotasso
Wendy McCaig – Fear Letting Junia Fly
Tammy Carter – Pat Summit: Changing the Game & Changing the World
Jeanette Altes – On Being Female
kathy escobar – replacing the f-word with the d-word (no not those ones)
Melody Hanson – Call Me Crazy, But I Talk To Jesus Too
Glenn Hager – Walked Into A Bar
Steve Hayes – St. Christina of Persi
Leah Sophia – March Syncroblog-All About Eve
Liz Dyer – The Problem Is Not That I See Sexism Everywhere…
Sonja Andrews – International Women’s Day
Sonnie Swenston-Forbes – The Women
Christine Sine –
It All Begins With Love
K.W. Leslie – Undoing the Subordination of Women
Carie Good – The Math of Mr. Cardinal
Dan Brennan – Ten Women I Want To Honor


5 Responses to “Link List – March 2012 Synchroblog – All About Eve”

  1. ckuniholm March 22, 2012 at 2:07 am #

    I’ve attempted to put the new synchroblog links on my blog page, but am finding that the links disappear when I cut and paste. I’ve never had that happen – and can’t find a setting to fix it. So, for now, I’ve just put a link back to this page. If anyone knows how to fix it, I’ll put the links on my page. It’s great to have so many posts on the topic – but it makes it hard to manually add back the links that disappear when I paste.

    • Liz March 27, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

      mmmmmm – I don’t know why it is doing that. I copied and pasted them to my page and they worked fine. I am sorry you had that experience.


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