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Link List – June Synchroblog: What’s In Your Invisible Knapsack

13 Jun

Here is the list of links for the June Synchroblog.  All participants should put this list at the end of their post.

Rebecca Trotter at The Upside Down World – The Real Reason the Term “White Privilege” Needs to Die

Carol Kuniholm at Words Half Heard – What Do You Have That You Didn’t Receive

Glenn Hager at Glenn Hager – Unjust Justice

K.W. Leslie at More Christ – Sharing From The Invisible Knapsack

Jeremy Myers at Till He Comes – My Black Privilege

Alan Knox at The Assembling Of the Church – Knowing Who You Are and How Others Identify You

Leah Sophia at desert spirit’s fire – backpack cargo

Liz Dyer at Grace Rules – Christian Privilege

Kathy Escobar at Kathy Escobar – privilege.

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