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December Synchroblog 2012: Tell Me A Story

30 Nov

December: Tell Me A Story

We find a lot of comfort in the story of Christmas, as we should. Advent is that time each year when we slowly make our way through the journey of that wonderful birth so long ago. Very often we, as the larger community of Christ, consider this season from the perspective of expectant waiting. But Advent is about much, much more … it’s about the harbingers of Jesus’ ministry on earth … hope, and love, and joy, and peace. What are your stories of hope, love, joy and peace? How do you remember them and pass them on to your family or your neighbors? Can you see the shadows of Jesus in them? Since it’s Christmas, won’t you please tell us all a story about Advent in your everyday life. Share your story on your blog this month. Post your links in the comment section by 6pm on Tuesday December 11th and a link list will be published on Wednesday December 12th.

A special thanks to Sonnie for answering the Synchroblog survey and inspiring the December synchroblog theme by reminding us that the best posts include people’s stories.


Link List – November 2012 Synchroblog // The Spiritual Practice of Gratitude

13 Nov

Hey Synchrobloggers,

Here is the first round Link List so far for the November Synchroblog on the Spiritual Practice of Gratitude.   We will update it tomorrow morning with any additional links that come in and appreciate you adding it to the end of your posts.  Thanks for participating!

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