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January 2013 Synchroblog – Serving Others in 2013

21 Dec Serving Others

This is an advance notice for the January 2013 Synchroblog. We will try to remind you again in the first week of January.

Around the New Year, many people like to make resolutions, or plans for what they want to accomplish in the coming year. Frequently, these plans include things like losing weight, reading through the Bible, getting control of your finances, spending more time with your kids, or something of that sort.

There is nothing wrong with making such plans, but this year we want to challenge you to add “others” to your plans. We want to invite you to think about how you will serve others in 2013.

Serving Others

New Year’s Resolutions are usually somewhat self-serving. But is there a way you can serve others in 2013? Are there homeless people in your community? Maybe you could bring some food to them on a regular basis this year. Are there single mothers? How about coming alongside them to babysit their kids while they go shopping, or maybe you could change the oil in their ca or mow their lawn. Do you know any alcoholics or addicts? What can you do to show them love and care this year? Are there elderly shut-ins in your neighborhood? How about running errands for them or going over to their place to play cards, read to them, or just talk?

For the January 2013 synchroblog, we invite you to share some of the tangible needs in your neighborhood or community you will seek to meet this year. Be concrete. Where, when, how, and to whom will you be the hands and feet of Jesus? As you think and write about this, it will not only encourage you to follow Jesus into the world this year, but will also provide the rest of us with some suggestions for how we can serve others in our own communities.

As always, the synchroblog will take place during the second week of the month, on Tuesday, January 8. We will post a reminder here during the first week of January.

We look forward to what you write!


Advent 2012 Link List – Tell Me A Story

12 Dec

Below you’ll find the link list for this month … but first, a reminder about our stories:

We find a lot of comfort in the story of Christmas, as we should. Advent is that time each year when we slowly make our way through the journey of that wonderful birth so long ago. Very often we, as the larger community of Christ, consider this season from the perspective of expectant waiting. But Advent is about much, much more … it’s about the harbingers of Jesus’ ministry on earth … hope, and love, and joy, and peace. What are your stories of hope, love, joy and peace? How do you remember them and pass them on to your family or your neighbors? Can you see the shadows of Jesus in them? Since it’s Christmas, won’t you please tell us all a story about Advent in your everyday life. Share your story on your blog this month. Post your links in the comment section by 6pm on Tuesday December 11th and a link list will be published on Wednesday December 12th.

A special thanks to Sonnie for answering the Synchroblog survey and inspiring the December synchroblog theme by reminding us that the best posts include people’s stories.

Our contributors for this month are:

Carol Kuniholm writing at Words Half Heard

Jeremy Myers tells us about Santa Clausette

Liz Dyer celebrates Dreams Do Come True

Leah Sophia digs in with Planting Hope

Glen Hager reveals a story of Christmas Surgery

Kathy Escobar wrestles with holiday expectations

Wendy McCaig  ponders storytelling in  Once Upon A Time

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