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February 2013 Synchroblog: Cross Gender Friendships

24 Jan




Many still buy into the idea that men and women can’t be friends and married people can never have a close and authentic relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

Sexualization, fear, shame and power issues often stop men and women from loving each other as friends; and the divide is frequently perpetuated in the Christian community by keeping men in men’s groups and women in women’s groups.

However, there is a growing consensus that cross gender friendships are not only possible, but important, valuable and beneficial in helping us to overcome sexism in our communities, eliminate harmful stereotypes and promote understanding between men and women that can lead to greater justice and equality.

This month we invite you to blog about cross gender friendships.

Here are some questions to get your creative juices flowing:

Can cross-gender friendships diffuse power in gender relations? Must all friendships fit into heterosexual scripts with a romantic trajectory? Can men and women partner together in friendship to overcome patriarchy and sexism? Can deep friendships between men and women overcome objectification and inequality found in many heterosexual romantic relationships?

As always, post your link here by Tuesday, February 12. The link list will get posted on Wednesday, February 13.  After the link list is posted we ask that everyone add the list of links to the end of their post as this allows readers to move from one post to the next easily and it increases traffic for everyone’s blog.

We ask that all participants please add this short paragraph to the beginning of your synchroblog post:

This post is part of the February Synchroblog “Cross Gender Friendships”.  I will list the links to all the contributions at the end of this post as soon as they are available.


Serving Others in 2013 Synchroblog Linklist

8 Jan

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the January 2013 Synchroblog on the topic of how we will serve others in the coming year.

Here is a list of those who contributed. Make sure you read them all, and if you contributed in this month’s synchroblog, add the following list to your own blog. See you next month!

January 2013 Synchroblog – Serving Others in the New Year

3 Jan

Serving Others

New Year’s Resolutions are usually somewhat self-serving. But is there a way you can serve others in 2013? Are there homeless people in your community? Maybe you could bring some food to them on a regular basis this year. Are there single mothers? How about coming alongside them to babysit their kids while they go shopping, or maybe you could change the oil in their ca or mow their lawn. Do you know any alcoholics or addicts? What can you do to show them love and care this year? Are there elderly shut-ins in your neighborhood? How about running errands for them or going over to their place to play cards, read to them, or just talk?

For the January 2013 synchroblog, we invite you to share some of the tangible needs in your neighborhood or community you will seek to meet this year. Be concrete. Where, when, how, and to whom will you be the hands and feet of Jesus? As you think and write about this, it will not only encourage you to follow Jesus into the world this year, but will also provide the rest of us with some suggestions for how we can serve others in our own communities.

As always, post your link here or on the Facebook page by Tuesday, January 8. The Link list will get posted on Wednesday, January 9.

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