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Guns and God: March 2013 Synchroblog

25 Feb

guns and GodLike many hot political topics, the issue of gun control is a big one for Christians.  People are all over the place on the issue–from passionate pacifists to dedicated NRA members.  Regardless of where we stand, what feels really clear is that this issue is widely debated, especially related to our faith.

This month’s synchroblog addresses this hot topic, not from a government perspective but from a faith perspective.

Do guns and God go together?  Why or why not?  

How are you wrestling with this issue in your own life?  

How are you respecting the difference of opinion in the wider community and also honoring your own convictions about violence?

 What do you think Jesus would do?  

We’d love to hear your thoughts as part of March’s synchroblog.

We know you might be saying “uh oh, I’m not sure if I want to say that in public for fear of controversy.”  It is hard to talk about some of these big issues because the dialogue sometimes looks more like yelling.  Let’s be brave and try to help create a space where people can engage in this important conversation with kindness and respect so we can learn from each other.  

Publish your posts by Tuesday March 12th and share your link here, and we’ll post the final link list on Wednesday morning, March 13th, to add to the bottom of your posts.  If you know other bloggers who might also want to participate, feel free to pass this invitation on.

All are welcome and we look forward to the diversity of posts!


Link List – February 2013 Synchroblog – Cross-Gender Friendships

12 Feb


Here is the Link List for the February Synchroblog: Cross Gender Friendships.

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Jeremy Myers – Are Cross-Gender Friendships Possible

Lynne Tait – Little Boxes

Dan Brennan – Cross-Gender Friendship: Jesus and the Post-Romantic Age

Glenn Hager – Sluts and Horndogs

Jennifer Ellen – A Different Kind of Valentine

Alise Wright – What I get from my cross-gender friend

Liz Dyer – Cross-Gender Friendships and the Church

Paul Sims – Navigating the murky water of cross-gender friendships

Jonalyn Fincher – Why I Don’t Give out Sex like Gold Star Stickers

Amy Martin – Friendship: The most powerful force against patriarchy, sexism, and other misunderstands about people who happen to not be us, in this case, between men & women

Maria Kettleson Anderson – Myth and Reality: Cross-Gender Friendships

Bram Cools – Nothing More Natural Than Cross-Gender Friendships?

Hugo Schwyzer – Feelings Aren’t Facts: Living Out Friendship Between Men and Women

Marta Layton – True Friendship: Two Bodies, One Soul

Kathy Escobar – The Road To Equality Is Paved With Friendship

Karl Wheeler – Friends at First Sight

Doreen Mannion – Hetereosexual, Platonic Cross-Gender Friendships–Learning from Gay & Lesbian Christians

Jim Henderson – Jesus Had A Thing for Women and So Do I

Elizabeth Chapin – 50 Shades of Friendship

D. L. Webster – Expressing Love Outside of Romance

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