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February 2014 Linklist – Loving Our Enemies

18 Feb

love your enemies

Below is the link list for the February 2014 Sychroblog on “Loving Our Enemies.”

If you wrote a post for this Synchroblog, please include the following link list on the bottom of your post, and then go read and interact with the other Synchroblog contributors. Thanks for participating and see you in March!


February 2014 Synchroblog – Loving Our Enemies

6 Feb love your enemies

love your enemiesIn February, many of our thoughts turn to love as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. We give flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and cards to those who mean the most to us.

But have you ever considered how you might show love to those who mean the least to you? That is, have you ever turned your thoughts to Jesus’ instructions about loving your enemies?

For the February Synchroblog, we would like to invite you to write a post about what it means to love your enemies.

You could write a story about how you did this in your own life, a devotional about how Jesus showed love to His enemies, or post an article about what Jesus meant when He instructed us to love our enemies (Matt 5:44). For the truly brave blogger, feel free to tackle the issue of how to reconcile Jesus’ statement in Matthew 5:44 with the actions of God in the Old Testament when He commanded His people to kill, annihilate, and destroy their enemies.

When it comes to Christian virtues, it is true what Paul wrote: the greatest of these is love. But Christians have not begun to learn to love until we can show love to our enemies. We look forward to reading your thoughts on this vital Christian practice.

To participate, please publish a post on this topic by Tuesday, February 18 and include a link to this post in the comments below. We will publish the list of contributors on Wednesday, February 19.

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