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May 2018 Link List

29 May


Thanks for contributing to the May 2018 Synchroblog on the topic of hell. Please make sure to add the following link list on the bottom of the blog post you wrote this month.

Also, it would be great to read and comment on as many of the posts as you can.

If you REALLY want to go above and beyond, you can share the various posts on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Remember, once the link lists are on each post, the more traffic we all get … the more traffic we ALL get.

This helps encourage and grow the blogging community here on the Synchroblog.

So please copy the following section and paste it onto the bottom of the blog post you contributed. (I apologize to those who submitted multiple links … only one link per person is allowed.)


This post is part of the May Synchroblog, in which numerous bloggers around the world write about the same topic on the same day. Links to the other contributors are below. If you enjoyed my article, you will also enjoy reading what they have to say about the topic of hell.


May 2018 Invitation – To Hell and Back

1 May

Hell is a hot topic … in more ways than one.

For this month’s Synchroblog, we want you to explore the topic of hell.

Since this is such a VAST topic … there are numerous ways you can approach the subject.

For example, you could simply seek to answer some of the questions people have about hell from your perspective: Does hell actually exist? If so, what and where is it? Who is there? How long will they be there?

Or, you could share a story about how your thinking on hell has evolved over the years. What were you taught as a child about hell? How did this make you feel? What do you think about hell today, and how has your view changed? Why did it change?

For those who are interested in exploring Scripture, feel free to discuss and analyze and explain a particular Bible passage about hell. Maybe you will present an alternative explanation of this passage … or you will address a text which is often overlooked and neglected in the debate about hell.

Please write and publish your article by Tuesday, May 29, and then post your link in the comment section below. The Link List will get published on May 30. 

I can’t wait to read your posts!

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