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June 2018 Synchroblog Link List

27 Jun


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Authority for Believers – Soulcare Ministries

Christian Authority – Done With Religion

Who Gets To Say What Is Right Or Wrong? – What God May Really Be Like

A Surprising Source of Spiritual Authority – Glenn Hager

Is it the Bible or Jesus that is authoritative for Christians? ANSWER: Yes – Jeremy Myers

Surrendering Our Authority To Jesus – K. W. Leslie

Under Who’s Authority – Layman Seeker

authority? – Metler

The Age of the Spirit – Liz Dyer


June 2018 Synchroblog Invitation – Authority

6 Jun

The June 2018 Synchroblog theme is “Authority”

As a Christian where do you look to for authority?

Where does ultimate authority and meaning rest for Christians today?

An institution? Scripture? A Christian leader or leaders? Community? Jesus? Spiritual experiences? a combination of some of these things or something else entirely?

Who determines what is right and wrong, correct and incorrect, holy and heretical?

Share your thoughts about where you believe Christians should look to for authority as they live out their faith.

Please write and publish your article by Tuesday, June 26, and then post your link in the comment section below. The Link List will get published on June 27.

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