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And … We’re Back!

23 Apr

Have you heard the good news?

No, not THAT good news!

The good news that the Synchroblog is coming back!



More details will be coming soon, so make sure you Subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the sidebar, Join the Facebook Group, and Follow us on Twitter.

And don’t worry … we are going to pretty much keep our same theme and focus as before … We will be asking you to write about topics of faith and life in the modern world.

To participate, you only need 3 things:
1. A blog
2. A willingness to interact with a diverse set of voices (We don’t all agree … and we’re not supposed to)
3. Pictures of grumpy cats (This one is optional)

fun grumpy cat

We will begin in May, so stay tuned for the May Synchroblog Topic…

July 2015 LINK LIST on Gay Marriage

29 Jul

Here is the list of bloggers who contributed to this month’s synchroblog topic: Gay Marriage. If you wrote a post for this month, please make sure to include the following list of links on your blog post. Thanks! Also, try to go read the posts from other contributors and leave comments about what they had to say. And remember, whether you agree or disagree, be gracious in what you say!

July 2015 Synchroblog – Gay Marriage

12 Jul

You saw this topic coming, didn’t you?

gay marriageThe March 2015 issue of Christianity Today asked this question as one of their cover stories: “Should I attend my gay friend’s wedding?”

I admit I did not read the article, so I do not know how Christianity today answered. But when I saw the title of the article, my first thought was, “If you have to ask the question, you are not much of a friend.”

Of course, I know that different Christians have different opinions on this matter. And so for this month’s synchroblog, we are asking to you “come out of the closet” and boldly declare your opinion on some issue related to gay marriage and LGBTQ relationships.

You do not necessarily have to state whether or not you support gay marriage, but we would like you to write a post about something related to gay marriage or the issues that face LGBTQ people in today’s society, or maybe even the questions and issues that Christians face in a society that accepts and endorses LGBTQ relationships.

Here are some possible angles:

  • What do you think of the Supreme Court decision to allow LGBTQ people to get married?
  • Do you personally know any LGBTQ people? Would they mind if you told part of their story? Maybe something painful or beautiful (or both)?
  • The Bible does talk about homosexuality. How should we understand these texts, and how should we apply them today?
  • If Jesus were walking the earth today, what do you think He would say about gay marriage and homosexuality?
  • If you were asked to participate in a gay wedding, would you do it? Why or why not? This might include performing the ceremony, providing the cake or flowers, or taking the pictures.
  • Why do you think the church is so divided over the LGBTQ question? Do you think this division will heal? If not, why not? If so, how?
  • Do you think the division between the church community and the LGBTQ community can be healed? If not, why not? If so, how?

You can, of course, write about anything else related to gay marriage and LGBTQ people that suits your fancy.

Please share your link in the comments section of this post by Tuesday, July 28 at midnight. We will publish a link list on Wednesday, July 29 that you will need to copy and paste to the end of your post.

We require two things of all participants who wish to be included in the link list:

(1) Begin your post with a short intro stating that you are participating in the synchroblog and link to this post. Examples: “This post is part of the July 2015 synchroblog on “Gay Marriage”. Or “This post is part of the July 2015 synchroblog that invited bloggers to write about “Gay Marriage”.

(2) Add the link list to the bottom of your post with a note encouraging readers to check out the other synchroblog contributions. We do all of the heavy lifting by putting the list together with all of the links included. Once we post the link list all you have to do is copy and paste. The list at the end of each post makes it easy for readers to move from one post to the other and increases exposure and readership for all of our participants.

Thanks for participating! We look forward to reading your fabulous posts!

March 2015 Link List

18 Mar

other religionsHere is the list of links for those who contributed to the March 2015 Synchroblog: What I Appreciate about [Other Religions].

Please add the link list to the bottom of your post. Thanks!

What I Appreciate About [Other Religions] – March 2015 Synchroblog

6 Mar religion

religionAs humans, we often struggle with an “us vs. them” mentality. We like people who are like us, and tend to despise and look down upon people who are not like us. While this is true in sports, business, and politics, it is also sadly true in race and religion. While we are learning to overcome the “us vs. them” mentality in race relationship, it is still quite common among religions.

While we can all be strongly committed to our particular faiths and practice, it is helpful to remember that people of other religions are not the enemy. Paul writes in Ephesians 6 that our “struggle is not against flesh and blood,” and this is true even when the flesh and blood of another practices a different religion.

So in this synchroblog, I want to invite each of us to write about some things we appreciate about another religion. I want you to pick a religion, like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Atheism (though it’s not exactly a religion), and write about the things you appreciate about that religion, or the people who practice that religion.

Your post could take a variety of approaches on this topic. You could relate a story about an interaction you had with someone from that other religion, or you could talk about some of the religious beliefs and practices of that other religion and how Christianity could become better by adopting these other beliefs and practices. The goal is to recognize that Christianity can learn and benefit from people of other religions.

Publish your posts by March 17 and include a link to your post in the comment section below. The full link list will get published on March 18.

October Synchroblog Link List

7 Oct

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s sychroblog about Mental Illness.

Below is the link list for this month. Please make sure you include this entire list at the bottom of your own post on your blog. Then, feel free to go read, comment, and share the posts of other people.

See you next month!

October Synchroblog Announcement – Mental Illness Awareness

25 Sep


To commemorate the launch of Sarah Griffith Lund‘s new book — Blessed Are The Crazy: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness, Family, and Church — and to participate in National Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 5-11), we invite you to join in a Synchroblog on mental illness, family, and church.

Break the silence by sharing your personal story of how you’ve been impacted by mental illness in your family and/or in your faith community.

Learn more about National Mental Illness Awareness Week:

October 7 is also the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding. Sarah Griffith Lund has recorded this prayer video to help faith communities observe this holiday – please watch and share:

NOTE: We are joining with another synchroblog for this event, so the posting date and instructions are a bit different. This is also coming up quickly!

mental-illness-healthtuts-1First, publish your post by midnight on MONDAY, October 6th. Post the links in the comment section here as normal. We at the synchroblog will post all your links over at the Facebook event for the other group (which can be found here:

If you want, you may also use the hashtag #BlessedAreTheCrazy when you post your links to your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Follow the hashtag:

Second, we will put up the full link list on Tuesday, October 7th for you to publish at the end on your blog post.

We hope you will participate and break the silence by sharing YOUR story!

June 2014 Link List – If I Could Tell Myself One Thing…

18 Jun back in time

back in timeThanks to everyone who participated in the June 2014 Synchroblog!

Here is the list of contributors this month. Go read them all and leave a comment!

If you contributed, please add this link list to the bottom of your post. Thank you, and see you next month!

June 2014 Synchroblog – If I could tell myself one thing –

3 Jun back in time

back in timeWhat do you wish you knew 10 or 20 years ago? If you could go back 10 or 20 years and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

For the June 2014 Synchroblog, we invite you to travel back in time to the “You” of 10 or 20 years ago and tell yourself something you know now but wish you had known then.

Maybe it is a warning, or a word of encouragement. Maybe you just want to tell yourself to lighten up. Or to stay out of that relationship. Maybe you just want to tell yourself that it will all be okay. Maybe you just want to tell yourself to invest in Apple. Ha!

Obviously, the one thing you tell yourself might be rather short, so for your Synchroblog post, you might also want to share the story of how you learned what you are going to tell yourself. Share how you used to be, what happened, and why you are the way you are now. Give the back story. Explain why you would give the advice to yourself to avoid the pain, hurt, problem, stress, and damage of what you went through.

To participate in this Synchroblog, publish your post on your blog by Tuesday, June 17 and then leave a comment below with a link to your post. The link list will get posted on Wednesday, June 18.

Once the link list is published please copy it and paste it on the bottom of your post so others can access the entire series.

We look forward to reading what you write!

February 2014 Linklist – Loving Our Enemies

18 Feb

love your enemies

Below is the link list for the February 2014 Sychroblog on “Loving Our Enemies.”

If you wrote a post for this Synchroblog, please include the following link list on the bottom of your post, and then go read and interact with the other Synchroblog contributors. Thanks for participating and see you in March!

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