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Link List for May 2015: Let’s Talk About Anger

20 May

Thanks, everyone, for taking about anger! Here’s the link list to add to the bottom of your posts as of tonight:


May 2015 Synchroblog: Let’s Talk About Anger

5 May
937008_thumbnailAnger sometimes has a bad reputation. Some of us have been taught that anger is a negative emotion, something that should be squeezed out, prayed through, avoided.  Others of us have been raised in families and churches that never allowed for expression of anger so we have no concept of what “healthy anger” even means.  What do we think God thinks of our anger? What do we think of it?  Regardless of where we’re at with anger, it seems like it’s rare to have open conversations about it. This month’s synchroblog we thought it would be fun to get honest about anger. What are you learning about it? What’s hard about it? Where does God fit in to it?  What do you want to say about it that needs to be said?
Let it rip!
The date to have your post up is Tuesday, May 19th by midnight.  When you’re post is up, share your link in the comments section of this post, and we will publish a link list to include at the bottom of your post by Wednesday morning, May 20th.
We hope you can participate!

Link List for January 2015 Synchroblog – Looking Back, Looking Forward

13 Jan

hey everyone, thanks for participating this month and looking forward to the new year.

here’s the link list for this month to post at the end of your posts. thanks for doing that as it’s a great way to support each other and help others connect to diverse perspectives. check back tomorrow morning for any updates:

Bloggers looking back and looking forward this month:

January 2015 Synchroblog: Looking Back

15 Dec

rear view mirror

One of the things about the new year is that sometimes we get so caught up in trying to leave the old year behind and start afresh that we forget the things that shaped and formed us in the previous year. We start looking to the future and what’s next and miss remembering what was and what is that we might need to savor. 

To kick off the year for the Synchroblog, let’s blog about highlights of the past year, things that stirred us, shaped us, moved us. Things we loved doing and seeing and experiencing. Things that were hard but good.  Things that were fun. Things we don’t want to forget. It might be your favorite post from last year or a list of highlights or a specific event. It’s a blank slate, but let’s look back together and remember.  

Post your posts by Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 at 8pm, and we will compile a link list to add to the end to the end of our posts by Wednesday morning, January 14th. 

September Synchroblog Link List: Race, Violence, and Why Need to Talk About It

24 Sep

Here’s the link list.  Glad you could participate.

Thanks for posting this at the bottom of your posts, and remember, everyone loves comments 🙂

Other bloggers writing about Race, Violence, and Why We Need to Talk About It:

September 2014 Synchroblog: Race, Violence, and Why We Need to Talk About It.

11 Sep

race violence and why we need to talk about it

Issues of race and violence have crossed over the centuries. It’s embedded into human history and sometimes we think we’ve come further than we have.  The events in Ferguson are not just about Ferguson. They tell a bigger story, a story of racism and violence and power and division that is reflected not just in that one town in middle America but in neighborhoods, cities, the church, the world.

This month the Synchroblog will create a space to share our reflections about Race and Violence and Why We Need to Talk About It.  What is bubbling up?  What do these current events stir up in our own life and faith?  Why are these conversations so important? How can we be better participants in the conversation?  

We will be hosting this the 4th week of September instead of the third, so post by midnight on Tuesday, September 23rd.  Post your link here in the comment section as soon as your post is up. We will combine all of the links and post it on Wednesday morning, September 24th for everyone to share at the end of your posts.

We hope you can participate!

Healing the Divides Link List / April 2014 Synchroblog

22 Apr

a house divided cannot stand

Hey Synchrobloggers, thanks for writing this month; we’re really happy to have so many awesome contributions!  If you can please post this link list at the bottom of your post, that would be great. It really helps readers to be able to find all of the links in one place and spreads the love.  Looking forward to reading! – Kathy


Here’s the list of other bloggers contributing posts related to healing the divides this month:



April 2014 Synchroblog – Bridging the Divides

7 Apr

a house divided cannot stand

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Christianity is continually dividing these days. Huge chasms have formed between conservative and liberal camps. Theological positions are becoming more solidly entrenched.  Differing views on biblical interpretation are separating us, creating walls that separate us from living in community together. Churches are splitting. Organizations are finding themselves in the middle of the fray, unsure how to proceed because of the cost of landing on one side or the other.

This month, the Synchroblog will be centered on Bridging the Divides and ideas and perspectives that different bloggers might have on ways to heal these divisions in the church.

We hope somehow these posts can be a healing balm this Easter season.  Post by Tuesday April 22nd 2014 at midnight, and put your link here.  The Link List will be posted by Wednesday April 23rd, and please put it on the bottom of your post so others can access the entire series.  Thanks for participating!

Link List for December 2013 Synchroblog – Coming Home

17 Dec

here are the links of other bloggers writing this month on “coming home”.  add it to the bottom of your posts if you can and check back in the morning to see if there are any additions.  thank you all for contributions!

other bloggers writing so far about “coming home” this advent:

December 2013 Synchroblog – Coming Home / Tuesday December 17th

2 Dec

all of life is coming home

The Kingdom of God and Home. These words together are an interesting combination.

Frederick Buechner writes, “The Kingdom of God is where our best dreams come from and our truest prayers. We glimpse it at those moments when we find ourselves better than we are and wiser than we know. We catch sight of it when at some moment of crisis a strength seems to come to us that is greater than our own strength. The Kingdom of God is where we belong. It is home, and whether we realize it or not, I think we are all of us homesick for it.”

For December we thought it would be fun to join in with Christine Sine’s annual Advent synchroblog and center our December topic on the idea of “Coming Home” and how it relates to this season of advent leading up to Christmas. What does Coming Home mean to you this season? Is it practical, spiritual, emotional? What does “home” look like or feel like in the kingdom of God? Do you have a “coming home” story that you’d love to tell?

Share it on your blog on Tuesday December 17th 2013. and then put your link here in the comments section. Christine Sine’s Synchroblog will be running all of December, but we’ll still stick with our same date. We’ll post a link list on Wednesday morning December 18th, and Christine will link to it, too.

All are welcome, the more the merrier!

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