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That they may be one … How can the church work toward unity in our culture and country? (November 2018 Invitation)

12 Nov

church unity

Well, the elections are over … but not really.

As I write this, counting is still going on in various states, and lawyers are setting up battle lines. Newly elected officials are heating up the rhetoric, and protesters are starting to lash out.

What is the role of the church in all of this?

In John 17, Jesus prayed that we would be one, as He and the Father are one.

Since unity, or “oneness,” was the prayer of Jesus for the church, how can we works toward unity in the Body of Christ? What do we need to do or not do? What should we say or not say? Does unity mean uniformity? If not, then how can we get along?

And beyond unity within the church, how can we show the world the path toward peace and unity?

Write your blog post, and publish it on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Then add a link in the comment section below.

The link list will get published on Wednesday, November 28, so that you can add it to the bottom of your blog post.

Let’s influence the election! – October 2018 Synchroblog Invitation

9 Oct

vote or nahFor the October 2018 synchroblog, I want you to influence the election!

(I apologize to those of you who reside outside of the United States … but on the other hand, this is your chance to meddle in the US elections …)

For your article this month, write about whether or not Christians should vote.

For example, I recently read two books from two different Christians. One was titled “Electing Not to Vote” and said it was wrong for Christians to vote. The other was titled “The Moral Mandate to Vote” and said it was wrong for Christians NOT to vote.

Then recently I heard Greg Boyd admit that while he has been telling his congregation for decades to NOT vote in the elections, he actually DID vote in the 2018 election, and voted for Hillary Clinton. I found that strange, but whatever …

So I want your take. Should Christians vote or should we not? Why?

To vote, or not to vote, that is the question!

Write your article and publish it on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Then post a link to your blog post in the comment section below or on the Synchroblog Facebook page.

The link list will be created and published on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 for you to add to the bottom of your blog post.

I look forward to reading what you write!

September 2018 – What the Flood?

10 Sep


If your neighbor drowned a litter of puppies, what would you do?

How should the police respond to some parents who drowned their children in a bathtub?

But what if God did these things? Does that change your view?

Many Christians struggle with the idea of God drowning millions (maybe billions!) of people and animals in the flood (Genesis 6-8).

Some Christians hardly struggle with it at all.

For the September 2018 Synchroblog, we want you to write about the flood account of Genesis 6-8.

What is your view of the flood? How should it be understood? Did it really happen or is it a myth?

If the flood really happened, did God truly send the floodwaters upon the earth to drown all men, women, children, and animals who were not on the ark? Why?

This is your opportunity to approach issues related to inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture. Or you can talk about the character of God. Or the sinfulness of humanity and how God should respond.

In your blog post, present your view of the flood account in Genesis 6-8, while also writing about related issues of Scripture and theology.

Publish your blog post on Tuesday, September 25, and add a link to your blog post in the comment section below. The link list will get published on Wednesday, September 26 so you can add it to your blog post. 


August 2018 Synchroblog Invitation – Hey, look! A duck! … That’s not a duck! That’s a rabbit!

7 Aug

This month we invite you to write about something that Christians don’t always see eye to eye about.

Being a Christian does not mean we all believe the same things or think the same way about any number of topics/issues.

Often we will even hear people complain about the way Christians get along – or don’t get along, because of the emotional disagreements that can develop due to different perspectives.

This month we invite you to choose a topic/issue that often causes disagreements among Christians and write about the different views that Christians hold regarding that topic. Share some of the arguments or resources that each side uses to support their belief.  You can also include the pros/cons for both sides and your own view on the issue? If you want to dive in deeper you could even suggest ways that Christians should handle their disagreements.

This could result in some lively conversations but as always we encourage everyone to remain civil and also open to the prospect of learning a new way to see and think.

Please write and publish your article on Tuesday, August 28, and then post your link in the comment section below. The Link List will get published on Wednesday, August 29.

We ask you to try not to post your contribution before August 28.

June 2018 Synchroblog Invitation – Authority

6 Jun

The June 2018 Synchroblog theme is “Authority”

As a Christian where do you look to for authority?

Where does ultimate authority and meaning rest for Christians today?

An institution? Scripture? A Christian leader or leaders? Community? Jesus? Spiritual experiences? a combination of some of these things or something else entirely?

Who determines what is right and wrong, correct and incorrect, holy and heretical?

Share your thoughts about where you believe Christians should look to for authority as they live out their faith.

Please write and publish your article by Tuesday, June 26, and then post your link in the comment section below. The Link List will get published on June 27.

May 2018 Invitation – To Hell and Back

1 May

Hell is a hot topic … in more ways than one.

For this month’s Synchroblog, we want you to explore the topic of hell.

Since this is such a VAST topic … there are numerous ways you can approach the subject.

For example, you could simply seek to answer some of the questions people have about hell from your perspective: Does hell actually exist? If so, what and where is it? Who is there? How long will they be there?

Or, you could share a story about how your thinking on hell has evolved over the years. What were you taught as a child about hell? How did this make you feel? What do you think about hell today, and how has your view changed? Why did it change?

For those who are interested in exploring Scripture, feel free to discuss and analyze and explain a particular Bible passage about hell. Maybe you will present an alternative explanation of this passage … or you will address a text which is often overlooked and neglected in the debate about hell.

Please write and publish your article by Tuesday, May 29, and then post your link in the comment section below. The Link List will get published on May 30. 

I can’t wait to read your posts!

October 2015 Synchroblog – Our last synchroblog

1 Oct

October 2015 will be our last Synchroblog theme. After mulling it over for a while, our team has decided to discontinue our monthly Synchroblog. It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve met some amazing people and have learned so much through this process of sharing our ideas and thoughts through blogging.

We will leave our Synchroblog site up with all the themes and link lists but this month’s theme and link list posts will be our last. We will also leave our Facebook page up but will change the settings so no additional posts can be made on that page.

Our final synchroblog theme will be: “If this was my last blog post, here’s what I would say…”

For the month of October we invite you to imagine what you would want to say if you were writing your very last blog post.

Would you reflect on something from the past? Would you want to talk about blogging and how it has shaped you? Would you repost something from the past? Would you want to recommend other blogs? Would you want to rant about something? Would you tell a personal story? Would you share something you have learned along the way? Would you be dreaming about the future?  What is on your mind that you would want to share if you were writing your last blog post?

Please share your link in the comments section of this post by Tuesday, October 20 at midnight. We will publish a link list on Wednesday, October 21 that you will need to copy and paste to the end of your post.

We ask two things of all participants who wish to be included in the link list:

(1) Begin your post with a short intro stating that you are participating in the Synchroblog and link to this post. Examples: “This post is part of the October 2015 Synchroblog ‘If this was my last blog post, here’s what I would want to say’”. Or “This post is part of the October 2015 Synchroblog that invites bloggers to imagine what they would say if they were writing their last blog post.”

(2) Add the link list to the bottom of your post with a note encouraging readers to check out the other synchroblog contributions. We do all of the heavy lifting by putting the list together with all of the links included. Once we post the link list all you have to do is copy and paste. The list at the end of each post makes it easy for readers to move from one post to the other and increases exposure and readership for all of our participants.

Thanks for participating! We look forward to reading your fabulous last synchroblog posts!

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