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January 2014 Synchroblog: New Beginnings

8 Jan

With the new year comes the craving for change and growth.┬áIt’s that time of year when people are making resolutions, choosing their one word for the coming year and dreaming about how they will leave their mark in 2014.

It’s a time of New Beginnings.
Our theme for the January synchroblog is “New Beginnings”
It’s wide open but here are some prompts to get the creative juices flowing:

New Year Resolutions
A One Word theme for the year
A story about a new beginning
Starting something new
Dreaming about the future
Second chances
Starting over/anew
New Beginnings and Christianity
A bible story about a New Beginning
New Beginning for the church or christianity
We hope you will join the January synchroblog and share your thoughts about New Beginnings.
Please post the link to your blog post in the comments below by Tuesday, January 21 and we will get the list of contributions posted on Wednesday, January 22.
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