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June 2018 Synchroblog Link List

27 Jun


Thanks for contributing to the June 2018 Synchroblog on the topic of authority. Please make sure to add the following link list on the bottom of the blog post you wrote this month.

Also, it would be great to read and comment on as many of the posts as you can.

If you REALLY want to go above and beyond, you can share the various posts on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Sharing the links and interacting helps encourage and grow the blogging community here on the Synchroblog.

So please copy the following section and paste it onto the bottom of the blog post you contributed.

Authority for Believers – Soulcare Ministries

Christian Authority – Done With Religion

Who Gets To Say What Is Right Or Wrong? – What God May Really Be Like

A Surprising Source of Spiritual Authority – Glenn Hager

Is it the Bible or Jesus that is authoritative for Christians? ANSWER: Yes – Jeremy Myers

Surrendering Our Authority To Jesus – K. W. Leslie

Under Who’s Authority – Layman Seeker

authority? – Metler

The Age of the Spirit – Liz Dyer


June 2015 Sycnhroblog – Hospitality

10 Jun


In a world that has grown frighteningly guarded and harsh, Christians are called to imitate Jesus by being sacraments of God’s hospitality in the world. This month we invite you to share your thoughts about hospitality.

Here are some questions for inspiration:

Is hospitality an essential element of imitating Christ?

Is hospitality a lost art?

What would it look like if hospitality was a way of life?

How does “true hospitality” compare to “modern day entertaining”?

Can hospitality really make a difference?

What is the purpose of hospitality?

Are Christians known for their hospitality?

Please share your link in the comments section of this post by Tuesday, June 23 midnight. We will publish a link list on Wednesday, June 24 that you will need to copy and paste to the end of your post.

We require two things of all participants who wish to be included in the link list:

(1) Begin your post with a short intro stating that you are participating in the synchroblog and link to this post. Examples: “This post is part of the June synchroblog “Hospitality”. Or “This post is part of the June synchroblog that invited bloggers to write about “Hospitality”.

(2) Add the link list to the bottom of your post with a note encouraging readers to check out the other synchroblog contributions. We do all of the heavy lifting by putting the list together with all of the links included. Once we post the link list all you have to do is copy and paste. The list at the end of each post makes it easy for readers to move from one post to the other and increases exposure and readership for all of our participants.

Thanks for participating!

Link List – March 2013 Synchroblog // Guns & God

12 Mar

hey all, here is the link list for the march synchroblog.  i’ll post any latecomers in the morning and so check back to make sure you have the most updated copy.  if you can please add  to the bottom of your posts, that would be great!

Link List – June Synchroblog: What’s In Your Invisible Knapsack

13 Jun

Here is the list of links for the June Synchroblog.  All participants should put this list at the end of their post.

Rebecca Trotter at The Upside Down World – The Real Reason the Term “White Privilege” Needs to Die

Carol Kuniholm at Words Half Heard – What Do You Have That You Didn’t Receive

Glenn Hager at Glenn Hager – Unjust Justice

K.W. Leslie at More Christ – Sharing From The Invisible Knapsack

Jeremy Myers at Till He Comes – My Black Privilege

Alan Knox at The Assembling Of the Church – Knowing Who You Are and How Others Identify You

Leah Sophia at desert spirit’s fire – backpack cargo

Liz Dyer at Grace Rules – Christian Privilege

Kathy Escobar at Kathy Escobar – privilege.

September 2011 Synchroblog – The Devil Made Me Do It

30 Aug




… what are some weird, whacky or just plain different things you’ve heard taught about Satan as you’ve been a member of this tribe called Christian?  What do you think of those ideas?  How have they shaped your perspective (or not) about Jesus and this tribe?  This month is wide open for being fun or being serious … because this subject could run in many different directions depending on the tradition you come from.  So as you write and as you read, please remember to have grace in abundance for the journey that each has been on.

Join in the September Synchroblog by submitting your name, name of blog, title of post and link in the comment section right here by 6 p.m. EST 9/13/2011. The list of participants will be compiled and posted on 9/14/2011.

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