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February Synchroblog – Creativity and Christianity February 9th 2011

27 Jan

The February synchroblog theme is “Creativity and Christianity” – Wednesday February 9th, 2011

It’s wide open but here are some questions to get the creative juices flowing:  Is there a connection between art/creativity and Christianity? Is creativity spiritual in nature?  Is there such a thing as “Christian Art”?  Does creativity have anything to do with spiritual formation?  What is needed for art to qualify as Christian?  Is our theology shaped or influenced by creativity/art?  Is creativity/art vital to our faith?  How does creativity/art impact Christian thought and/or Christian praxis?  Is there a particular form of art that has impacted your spiritual journey?  Should there be a distinction between sacred and secular art?  Is Christianity experiencing a “creative crisis”?  Is creativity and our knowledge of God connected?

Please plan to submit your name, name of blog, title of post and link in the comment section of this post on 2/8/2011 if you would like to be included in this synchroblog. The list of participants will be compiled and posted on 2/9/2011.

Feel free to pass this on to others, all are welcome!

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