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October 2015 Synchroblog – Our last synchroblog

1 Oct

October 2015 will be our last Synchroblog theme. After mulling it over for a while, our team has decided to discontinue our monthly Synchroblog. It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve met some amazing people and have learned so much through this process of sharing our ideas and thoughts through blogging.

We will leave our Synchroblog site up with all the themes and link lists but this month’s theme and link list posts will be our last. We will also leave our Facebook page up but will change the settings so no additional posts can be made on that page.

Our final synchroblog theme will be: “If this was my last blog post, here’s what I would say…”

For the month of October we invite you to imagine what you would want to say if you were writing your very last blog post.

Would you reflect on something from the past? Would you want to talk about blogging and how it has shaped you? Would you repost something from the past? Would you want to recommend other blogs? Would you want to rant about something? Would you tell a personal story? Would you share something you have learned along the way? Would you be dreaming about the future?  What is on your mind that you would want to share if you were writing your last blog post?

Please share your link in the comments section of this post by Tuesday, October 20 at midnight. We will publish a link list on Wednesday, October 21 that you will need to copy and paste to the end of your post.

We ask two things of all participants who wish to be included in the link list:

(1) Begin your post with a short intro stating that you are participating in the Synchroblog and link to this post. Examples: “This post is part of the October 2015 Synchroblog ‘If this was my last blog post, here’s what I would want to say’”. Or “This post is part of the October 2015 Synchroblog that invites bloggers to imagine what they would say if they were writing their last blog post.”

(2) Add the link list to the bottom of your post with a note encouraging readers to check out the other synchroblog contributions. We do all of the heavy lifting by putting the list together with all of the links included. Once we post the link list all you have to do is copy and paste. The list at the end of each post makes it easy for readers to move from one post to the other and increases exposure and readership for all of our participants.

Thanks for participating! We look forward to reading your fabulous last synchroblog posts!

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