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July 2013 Synchroblog – Light Summer Reading

2 Jul

It’s the dog days of summer … really hot in some places, really not in others.  We think some light summer reading is in order this month.  So … we’re asking you to tell a story.  Not just any story, but tell a story of your favorite prank.  Maybe you were the prankee.  Maybe you were the prankster.  Maybe you just heard about the prank from friends.  Whatever manner you know about the prank … we’re looking forward to reading the story of the best prank you know about.

The date of this month’s synchroblog has changed to the 3rd Wednesday of the month, July 17.

If you wish to participate, leave a comment below with your name, and the link to your blog post.  Please do this by the evening of Tuesday, July 16 to make sure you’re included.

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