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What I Appreciate About [Other Religions] – March 2015 Synchroblog

6 Mar religion

religionAs humans, we often struggle with an “us vs. them” mentality. We like people who are like us, and tend to despise and look down upon people who are not like us. While this is true in sports, business, and politics, it is also sadly true in race and religion. While we are learning to overcome the “us vs. them” mentality in race relationship, it is still quite common among religions.

While we can all be strongly committed to our particular faiths and practice, it is helpful to remember that people of other religions are not the enemy. Paul writes in Ephesians 6 that our “struggle is not against flesh and blood,” and this is true even when the flesh and blood of another practices a different religion.

So in this synchroblog, I want to invite each of us to write about some things we appreciate about another religion. I want you to pick a religion, like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Atheism (though it’s not exactly a religion), and write about the things you appreciate about that religion, or the people who practice that religion.

Your post could take a variety of approaches on this topic. You could relate a story about an interaction you had with someone from that other religion, or you could talk about some of the religious beliefs and practices of that other religion and how Christianity could become better by adopting these other beliefs and practices. The goal is to recognize that Christianity can learn and benefit from people of other religions.

Publish your posts by March 17 and include a link to your post in the comment section below. The full link list will get published on March 18.


September Synchroblog Link List

5 Sep

Hey all! Thanks goes out to those of you who participated in the September Synchroblog: Choosing My Religion.

Below is the current link list, and I will try to add more links to this list if any more come in.

Don’t forget to add this list of links to your own blog post! That way your readers can hear what others have to say, and readers can from other blogs can find yours.

Check back tomorrow for a more complete list!

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